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John Nugent inspection and expediting services ltd



Company Profile

John Nugent Inspection & Expediting Services Ltd provides the Oil and Gas industry with the highest quality inspection and monitoring services. The thirty years experience gained by John Nugent assures our commitment to providing qualified and experienced personnel to all Major O&G Companies, Engineering Firms and Installation Contractors.

Over the years working in this business, John Nugent Inspection & Expediting Services Ltd has established a comprehensive network of competent and specialised Inspectors that have the necessary experience for the monitoring and inspection of every aspect of a major project.

We offer experienced inspectors for the manufacturing of various types of Valves, CSWIP Certified Welding Inspectors for Weld Procedure Qualification, Welder Qualification, Double Jointing, Quad Jointing, Pipe in Pipe, and Project Management Specialists.

Our close proximity to the Valve manufactures of Northern Italy has allowed us to gain experience in Manufacture and Testing of High Pressure Ball Valves, cast and forged bodies also fully welded metal seated valves.

Over the past years our inspectors have utilised their accumulated experience in this very complex and challenging sector to help new projects run more economically and efficiently.

John Nugent inspection & Expediting Services Ltd has continued to aid our clients in many successful projects over the years. We look forward to utilising our expertise and our experiences to not only report accurately problems during manufacture, but also to look ahead and recognise potential situations, before  they develop. This expertise can only come from experience which can  prove to be invaluable to, not only a quality product but also a timely delivery.



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